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Tribal Client is Awarded Grant

             Echo Hawk & Olsen assisted the Shivwits Band of Paiutes, a federally recognized Tribe located in southwest Utah, with its successful application for a $713,554 U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service Zoonotic Diseases Initiative grant.  Authorized under the American Rescue Plan, funding for the grant will enable the Tribe to implement a three-year, multi-faceted collaborative project to mitigate the hazard posed by zoonotic diseases on the Shivwits Reservation and surrounding areas.

             Echo Hawk & Olsen worked with Shivwits Band personnel to develop the project and draft the application for submission. The Tribe additionally partnered with wildlife veterinarians from the State of Utah in developing the project, which is focused on a One Health approach, emphasizing the interconnected health of humans, animals, and our environment. Professionals from the Southwest Utah Public Health Department also lent their expertise to project development and will work closely with the Tribe in administering the project under the grant.

            In partnership with local, state, and federal public health professionals and agencies, Tribal specialists will be trained in zoonotic disease recognition, surveillance, and sampling. Additionally, a significant portion of the funding will be used to engage, educate, and train future generations to ensure the sustainability of the programming, the transfer of knowledge, and the development of relevant skills.  During the latter stages of the grant, the Shivwits Tribe will focus on building collaborative relationships with other Tribes and stakeholders to facilitate additional acquisition of expertise and development of youth programs in zoonotic disease awareness and prevention.

             Echo Hawk & Olsen is proud to have had the opportunity to work on such an important and enduring project and congratulates the Shivwits Band of Paiutes on securing funding for this worthy project. If any Tribe or Tribal entity would like to explore the possibility of working with Echo Hawk & Olsen to secure funding for a particular project or discuss project development with the professionals at Echo Hawk & Olsen, please reach out.