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Echo Hawk & Olsen is a Regional Law Firm, with practice in Idaho, Utah, Nevada & Oklahoma.

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Delivering insightful litigation and legal services to clients throughout the area.

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A Powerful Team of Lawyers

Meet our experienced team of attorneys that have served the Pocatello area for over 100 years.

Meet our team
A professional law firm located in Pocatello, Idaho.

Get the representation you deserve with the principled and zealous advocacy of Echo Hawk & Olsen, PLLC. We work hard to defend truth and protect those who seek our guidance. At our law firm, your case is taken personally and we work as a team to do everything possible for a favorable outcome.

Over 100 years of experience.

Located in Pocatello, Idaho, we have a wealth of experience in all aspects of business law. We are also known for our skill and dedication in creating the best Estate Plan for securing your families future. We also help in the unique area where federal, state, and tribal courts meet. We are proud to assist tribes, businesses, and individuals. Read more.

A Pocatello Law Firm Focused on Results

Echo Hawk & Olsen, PLLC delivers insightful litigation and legal services to clients throughout the area. We are proud to assist businesses, tribes, and individuals. Located in Pocatello, Idaho,  we have a wealth of experience in the unique area where federal, state, and tribal courts meet.

Meet our team

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Indian Law Has Two Big Wins

Shivwits and Kanosh Bands of Paiutes win decision in Utah federal court to hold Paiute Indian Tribe of Utah Tribal Council members accountable to the Indian Civil Rights Act. And Shivwits and Kanosh Bands of Paiutes win decision in Paiute Tribal Appellate Court to make the Paiute Tribal Council follow its own Tribal Constitution.

February 2, 2021
Pandemic Preparation and Response Plan

With the rapid global spread of coronavirus, companies should focus first and foremost on employee safety. And as they’re reviewing their strategies, policies, and procedures, many leaders are specifically wondering about their legal risk.

March 20, 2020

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