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Whether you have a small or large business, we understand that your focus is on helping your business grow.  But in today’s environment, businesses can’t neglect the need to comply with a wide variety of employment laws and to have HR procedures in place to protect against expensive and time-consuming litigation.  Our attorneys have represented employers of all sizes, from small companies to large multi-national corporations, and helped them navigate the complexities of federal, state, and local employment laws and to proactively establish policies and procedures to cultivate employee productivity and engagement. We will work closely with your team to help you remain compliant so you can focus on business.

Employee Onboarding and Immigration Compliance

Hiring the right person is key.  But is your business compliant with employee recruiting practices, interviews, background investigations, and worker eligibility requirements?  Does your recruiting team know what they can and can’t ask?  We will work with you to help your hiring professionals know not only compliance requirements and how to avoid common mistakes, but also to understand best practices and tips to help your organization stand out from the crowd.

Harassment, Retaliation, Disability and Leaves

Discrimination claims, sexual harassment, and retaliation claims are expensive and will take your management team away from your business and into the litigation world of depositions and courtrooms.  We will work with you to proactively train your management and HR professionals to know how to avoid litigation and civil rights complaints.  Challenging questions like what reasonable accommodation must be provided to an employee with a disability and whether leave is required under the Federal Medical Leave Act, Americans with Disabilities Act, and applicable state and local medical, family, and pregnancy leave laws.  We will work with your managers to help you make an informed decision.

Employee Engagement, HR Counseling, and Risk Mitigation

Do you have employees who are not performing?  Employee onboarding is expensive and turnover drains time, profit, and employee morale. Let us help.  We will work with you to develop employee coaching policies and procedures to maximize employee engagement and to improve the culture of your company.  By taking proactive steps to help your workforce engage, we help your company focus on profits.  And we can counsel you with other ways to minimize the employee expenses and liability risks you face.

Wage and Hour

Federal, state, and local laws require strict compliance with payroll obligations.  Let us help your business understand requirements under statutes like the Fair Labor Standards Act and the Portal to Portal Act, and other compliance requirements to avoid costly department of labor or private wage and hour claims filed by your employees seeking damages for wage forfeiture, back-pay wages, overtime wages, or reimbursement of business expenses.

Trade Secrets and Non-Competes

Businesses invest large amounts of capital to create proprietary business, trade secret, and good-will of the company.  Employees have access to this valuable information and are the front-line contacts with your clients.  When they leave employment, you face the real possibility that they will then use these same business assets to complete against you for your clientele and key employees.  We can help you secure your business investments by structuring your employment relationships with key employees to prevent competition against your business.

Labor and Management Relations

Our attorneys have experience representing management and labor in all aspects from organizing campaigns to bargaining, grievances to contracting, and from contributions to audits.  We can help your business become and remain compliant with your collective bargaining agreements and obligations.

Employment Litigation

We have represented clients before a wide variety of state and federal discrimination commissions and labor departments and courts of law.  While we strive to keep you focused on business, we have the experience and expertise to defend you in all stages of the complaint, investigation, and adjudication process.