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Our health law attorneys possess in-depth knowledge of the complex, highly regulated health care industry. Their knowledge comes from experience in representing various health care clients, as well as a constant awareness of what is occurring in the industry at any given time. Our attorneys monitor important modifications in legislation and regulation that impact the industry. Staying aware of, and involved in, the rapid changes in health care reform is a primary focus of our firm, allowing us to provide timely counsel to our clients.

Our clients encompass individual physicians, podiatrists, dentists, orthodontists, and chiropractors and their group practices. We also advise these clients in setting up and operating their own ambulatory surgical centers.  We serve as general counsel to these client groups, advising them on various legal issues ranging from reimbursement and labor law to business succession planning.

Our attorneys routinely help clients in the health care industry with business transactions, health care reform, regulatory issues, joint ventures, ethical and religious directives, compliance, licensing, tax, antitrust, managed care, Medicare and Medicaid reimbursement, medical staff relations, patient care, HIPAA, real estate and construction and labor and employment issues.